RMA are makers of custom, one off designer furniture. Our master craftsman and designer is able to work with traditional designs,

Display Armoire

Memphis Shelves

Or go wild with modern designer genres like modern minimalist, or maybe even a movement piece from the "Memphis" design house from Milan.

Don't be fooled by mass-produced solid wood furnitue. Yes these are made from solid hardwood, but are mostly engineered pieces of offcuts filleted together to produce a bitty wood grained effect.

Remember that veneers can be a furnitures best friend when done correctly on a good solid base structure. Like the master craftsman Chippendale did with his furniture

Like the craftsmen of old, when we veneer our panels we book match the timber. This means that the grains from one piece of veneer are layed next to the next piece of veneer cut from the timber. This gives a matching / complementing grain patern that is pleasing to the eye.

Request a call from our master craftsman to discuss your needs.

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