Here are Raving Mad About Ltd we love curved huts, and all the difficulties that come with them. Yes the square box has come to be a pratical solution as Architects from the 20s onward (Modernist movement) have championed them, and build have embraced the cheepness of their builds, but the curvered hut has endured.

We live and breath the curvered hut by basing our workshop in a 16 foot wide, 108 foot long Nissen hut on a former WW2 POW camp. It was from moving into this old hut that we got our love for them, and seeked out how to refurbish them. With the planning of an event for a local charity we got hold of some of the origanal drawings for these huts, and our journey began. At first we just refurbished huts, but now as last original manufacture has retired we have taken up the reigns to also manufacture these vercitile builds.

As mensioned above, we are based in Rual Scotland, UK. But will ship our kits to any part of the world. As the original pre-fab buildings they have over the past 100 years been installed in most countries around the world.